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Welcome to the Official Website of Filipino Community in Bodø (FCB)

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Message from the Leader

Dear FCB members and friends,

FCB stood the test of time. From a simple group of Filipinos, it has become a multi-perspective organization but still true to its basic tenet – a home for Filipinos in the Arctic Circle. It is quite surreal to retrospect and enjoy the different milestones of FCB through the years. The organization has indeed come a long way. 

FCB is not just an organization. It is a home and all its members are part of one big happy family. Family means everyone is respected despite differences in opinions and beliefs. Family means everyone deserves to be heard and no one is above the other.

May we continue to nurture this organization – the home that we have built in the Arctic Circle. Let us all enjoy the journey.


President of FCB 

Rowena Ryvold

Latest News

FCB Officers 2021 -2023

Upcoming Events

FCB Ann​ual Meeting 2023

To all Members,

We’d like to thank you for your ongoing support. 

We hope you will attend our Annual Meeting, which we have scheduled for January 29, 2023, Sunday at 1 p.m. at St. Eystein Menighetssalen.

  Foods and light refreshments will be provided from FCB.

We will discuss our Annual reports and other future events.

We will send a meeting agenda to your email.

We will announce it as soon as possible.

Non-members are welcome to attend our Annual Meeting to update their memberships.


Thank you for your time and we hope to see you on January 28.

Merry Christmas 

Happy New Year to all!


Secretary of FCB,

Debbie Kristensen

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