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About Us

FCB Preamble

We, the members of the Filipino Community in Bodø who aspire to build a harmonious community for Filipinos by promoting a holistic development of its members, strengthening the family relationship by social and spiritual actions, establishing healthy relationship with other Filipinos and other nationalities in Norway, promoting the rich culture and heritage of the Philippines and serving the organization under the law, truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.

Scope of the Organization

The base city of FCB is Bodø, Norway thus the name Filipino Community in Bodø. However, the membership covers the Salten region and may cover other parts of Norway provided that provisions in Article 7 of the FCB Constitution are met. The activities of the organization are based in Bodø. Activities of the organization may be extended to other parts of Norway and/or to the Philippines.

Logo of the Organization

The logo of FCB represents the ideals, values and aspirations of the organization

  • The rosary symbolizes faith.

  • The bamboo symbolizes strength and resilience.
  • The carabao symbolizes hardwork and sense of industry.
  • The sun symbolizes hope.
  • The “bahay kubo” symbolizes unity and value for family.
  • The Philippine flag symbolizes love for country.

Structure of the Organization

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