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The City of Bodø

The Beautiful City of Bodø, Norway

There is no perfect description for Bodø as this city is a kaleidoscope of mystique, beauty and adventure. The fact that different people view the city in myriad perspectives only means that this city has a lot to offer.

Bodø is the largest city in Nordland which happens to be the largest county in Norway. The city lies just north of the Arctic Circle where the midnight sun is visible between June and July and the polar nights from December to January.

Hearing the phrase “north of the Arctic Circle” might trigger a little apprehension to some but do not worry. Bodø features a subpolar oceanic climate, with chilly (but not so cold) winters and cool summers. To add a little excitement, Bodø is one of Norway's windiest cities. 

For nature lovers, Bodø is the place for you. The city, despite rapidly expanding, is blessed with places that you can commune with nature. The strongest tidal current in the world – Saltstraumen, can be found only 30 km southeast of the city. Kjerringøy, one of the well-preserved trading villages in Norway can be found 40 km north of Bodø. For those who love camping, Geitvågen is a place where you can enjoy the tamed wilderness. You can also do mountain climbing, kayaking, caving and other active outdoor activities.

In the recent years, the development in Bodø is unstoppable. The influx of opportunities is very evident with the establishments and buildings sprouting like mushrooms. Bodø is indeed ready to take the challenge of the dynamic world. Especially that the city was recognized by the National Geographic and was recommended as one of the “must see” cities for 2013!

Welcome to Bodø!

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