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General Assembly Passes and Approves the 2013 FCB Constitution

After almost 6 months of deliberation, FCB has an amended constitution.

The move for the revision and amendment of the FCB constitution was made September 2012. After the move was unanimously approved, FCB created an adhoc Constitutional Commission headed by the FCB Vice Chairman Carlo Lazado together with Melani S. Hansen, Roy Icalina, Debra May Kristensen, Trecia Requina and Dolores Sand. The ConCom formulated the rules and regulations of the revision and amendment process and these were distributed to all members of FCB. The ConCom officially opened the process on October 1, 2012. As expected, the members actively participated in the whole process. The ConCom received a number of proposals from the members addressing the current needs and concerns of the organization. 

The First Reading of the revised and amended constitution was on February 9, 2013. The public deliberation lasted for almost 4 hours. The members present during the meeting moved for the passage for the First Reading of the constitution. The ConCom convened again to incorporate all the points that were raised during the First Reading. The conditionally approved constitution was sent to the members one week before the Second Reading.  The Second Reading was done on March 23, 2013 and with a unanimous vote, the present members passed and approved the 2013 FCB Constitution. This was another momentous moment in the history of the organization. 

Some of the major changes that were reflected in the revised and amended constitution were the computerization of the FCB Logo, the creation of the Vice Chairman position as an elective post, re-naming of the different commissions and many others.

The 2013 FCB Constitution is available to non-members upon request. 

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