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FCB Bowling and Members' Meeting

FCB's annual bowling tournament/game was held at Radisson Blu Hotel bowling center last October 6, 2014. The event was a success with many participants. The good news is- there were several members from other parts of Salten region who came despite of the long way to drive just to participate. EXCELLENT!

Kids have so much fun playing the bowling & they really enjoyed it!

Sr. Jenny volunteered to make some food and it was eaten happily after the Members meeting at St. Eystein Messhall. The day ended up at Maikee's place- party time! Everyone brought with them food, drinks, desserts and most of all a good-party-mood. The ever enjoying party was arranged in honoured for Laila, Emy & Ruth who have birthday in October.


Here are some pictures taken from the event.

For more pictures, click here.

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