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A Christmas in Bodø with FCB

Filipino Community in Bodø (FCB) celebrated their Christmas party or popularly known in Norway as Julebord last December 6, 2014 at Tverlandet Samfunnshus. It was a full house of Filipinos that came from different places near at Bodø. However, some Norwegians were also present at that time to be part of this annual event which made it more gorgeous. The place was set fabulously enough to catch every eye of the attendees. The fancy and elegant settings were influenced both by Filipino and Norwegian culture.

Spirit of Christmas from Philippines was spread all over in each corner and the familiar sounds and expressions from our language surrounded the entire hall. It was like the nearly 10,000 km distance of Norway from Philippines were drastically shorten and finally at our feet. Seeing that huge number of Filipinos scattered all over the venue was really beautiful in sight. They are like moving red Christmas lights that captivates each person’s perceptual range. The smiles and laughs were so contagious and served as the stars of that night which shined all over the place. It made the environment so lively and full of happiness.

Each belly was made fat by the wonderful combination Filipino and Norwegian dishes and desserts. It’s an absolute truth that it totally messed up someone’s diet plan because all the foods served were so amazing that one will surely never get tired of bringing their feet back and forth. Besides of the delicious foods that were served, adorable, amusing, and incredible dancing and singing presentations from kids to adults keep everyone entertained. It served as the tasty flavour of the event that really made everyone’s attendance and time worth spent.

The priceless moments that every person have shared and made all together at this time were the greatest twenty-fourteen Christmas gift. Love, peace, and joy were truly in the air breathed by everyone else. Each individual was united to a one huge FAMILY due to the single word “Filipino”. It was a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be repeated or duplicated but it will definitely stay forever in everyone’s heart, mind and soul. This day was totally a blast. Let us all see together next time! (^_^)

Written by: BrAdCo


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